Eastern Croatia:
Gold of the Golden Valley

Experience vineyards in the Golden Valley.

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Experience the Croatian passion for wine, food and music

Visit vineyards in the Golden Valley. Learn firsthand about a wine making while enjoying the famous local hospitality.

Ideal from 4 to 7 days

We suggest a stay from at least 4 days to 7 days depending on the activities you might be interested.


Suggested starting and ending is Zagreb, from where you explore the Eastern part of Croatia called Slavonija.


Private groups interesting in a vacation based on exploring local way of life, wining and dining in authentic setting.


Small private group intensive gourmet tour with unique insight of local way of life and folk customs of Eastern Croatia.


A program with lots of treats for all your senses.

We recommend that you start by discovering Zagreb, before moving on to the scenic Golden Valley area (with Toscany like landscapes). There are lots of hidden treasures and hidden pleasures to be found in the Golden Valley.

Here you will experience generous hospitality: you will be invited for grape picking, served delicious food, and given a chance to enjoy a variety of musical performances.


The tour starts and finishes in Zagreb. Croatian capital, one of the hottest city break destinations in Europe, will delight you with beautiful architecture, parks and green spaces, great vibe and of course fantastic restaurants.

Tour continues towards the Eastern region of Croatia called Slavonija. It is the area around the 45,3 parallel where are perfect conditions for growing wine, a variety of fruits and (and many other foods).

The ancient Romans called the area for Vallis Aurea or The Golden Valley due to its fertile land. The hills are covered with vineyards and forests.

  • Enojoy two days in a beautiful city of Zagreb
  • Find out how looks traditional fiesta in Slavonija
  • Experience grape picking in a vineyard with a local host
  • Eat traditional locally grown and prepared food
  • Drink wine in a nearly 800 years old wine cellar
  • Enjoy outdoor activities in beautiful landscapes

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