Reasons why your kids will fall in love with Croatia

We are often selfish when choosing destination we are going to visit although we are traveling with our kids. Will they enjoy beautiful sunsets, antique churches, fantastic wines or delicious fish? Well, those are probably not the most important things in the world to them. So how to make our holidays perfect for the whole family? Let’s start with kids – what is important to them?


They want to be free to move. If they have to hold your hand all the time or sit on your towel, they probably won’t be the happiest kids in the world. They don’t want to eat the same food as you. Although Croatia has fantastic traditional local food, kids are probably not so interesting in discovering new dishes.

They are looking for fun all the time, with or without parents. Will it be some kind of activity in the hotel, at the beach, or a special mother helper that will take them to aqua park – doesn’t matter! The only thing that matters is that they are having fun!


And what is important to us when talking about children? We want the destination to be safe and clean. Obviously it is important that destination we go to loves families and have activities for our kids. Will they have a high chair and children’s menu in the restaurant? Will rental car places have a car seat? Details like that will make your holidays easier and more comfortable.

How is it in Croatia? Croatia loves families. In the most cases you won’t have any problems with keeping your children happy. You will hardly find a safer place than Croatia. Everybody speaks English, from doctors to girls selling ice creams at the beaches. There are hunderds of sand beaches and parks so your kid will easily find a place to play. Tap water is perfectly safe and clean. All the best restaurants will have children’s menus with pizzas, burgers and local minced meat called cevapcici kids will hardly say no to.


All in all, your kids will love Croatia, but you have to know where to go, which villas, hotels and restaurants to choose. If you make a wrong choice, there’s always a possibility your child may not be able to run at the beach because of sharp rocks or will have to sit on your lap in the restaurant. But if you know where you’re going, the whole will enjoy every moment of your Croatian vacation.

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